Can global warming trigger volcanoes?

Sarah Lucas The suggestion that volcanic eruptions can influence the climate makes intuitive sense. Volcanoes emit carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas, and provide a link between deep carbon reservoirs in the Earth’s interior and the Earth’s surface. Mass volcanic activity can release large quantities of carbon dioxide, warming the climate over millions of years.... Continue Reading →


Watching volcanoes from space

Isabelle Taylor There are numerous hazards associated with volcanic eruptions (see Figure 1). Some of these, such as lava flows, tend to be localised, while others, such as plumes of ash and gas can travel across the globe. To minimise the risk presented by these hazards it is essential to closely monitor volcanoes and understand... Continue Reading →

Extinction to Art in the Deccan Traps

Ritwika Sengupta The Deccan traps, in West-Central India, are deposits of lava and volcanic rocks creating mountains up to 3km high and covering an area about the size of France. This mountainous landscape has provided a unique base for religious communities from 700 BC onwards. Beautifully decorated caves carved from 400BC to 1000AD by Buddhists... Continue Reading →

Dating in the dark

Kaja Fenn You might have heard about radiocarbon dating, but do you know about OSL dating? OSL stands for Optically Stimulated Luminescence, and is another method of determining when processes and events occurred in the past. It has some distinct advantages over radiocarbon dating, which I will discuss. Before looking at OSL in more detail... Continue Reading →

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