Sun, Sea and Sampling Sediments: Mesoproterozoic Mysteries in the Northern Territories

Brooke Johnson, with help from, and apologies to, Dr Rosalie Tostevin I didn’t start working on my current PhD project so that I could travel to the tropical north of Australia, but it’s certainly a perk I enjoy. Especially after our recent snap of Arctic weather, or as those of us from above the midlands... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to let go

Rellie Goddard I have spent the last two weeks residing in the wonderful city of Durham where I was lucky enough to spend four years of my life completing first a BSc and then an MRes.  Now living in Oxford and working in an entirely different area of structural geology, it would be a fair... Continue Reading →

Doing a NERC REP

Ben Fernando Hello everyone! I’ve just started my PhD on the Environmental Research DTP in Oxford, and like most other people here I am funded by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). I’m not actually an Earth Scientist by training, despite being in the ‘Dynamic Earth’ stream of the DTP. The only reason that... Continue Reading →

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