Finding True North – the stories that took me to the Arctic

Georgia Melodie Hole As a PhD student investigating the climate and sea-ice dynamics of the Arctic, I have a soft spot for the high latitudes that goes beyond being a stimulating research topic. Maintaining a passion for any topic can be hard, especially when chasing it down the research rabbit hole that is a PhD,... Continue Reading →


A Baptism of Ice- Fieldwork Training in Svalbard

Georgia Melodie Hole Arriving in the remote Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard was like crossing a threshold into my childhood dreams. The many books on polar exploration I devoured as a child (as described in a previous blog), suddenly became crystallised into reality as we touched down onto a land with more polar bears than people,... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to let go

Rellie Goddard I have spent the last two weeks residing in the wonderful city of Durham where I was lucky enough to spend four years of my life completing first a BSc and then an MRes.  Now living in Oxford and working in an entirely different area of structural geology, it would be a fair... Continue Reading →

Doing a NERC REP

Ben Fernando Hello everyone! I’ve just started my PhD on the Environmental Research DTP in Oxford, and like most other people here I am funded by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). I’m not actually an Earth Scientist by training, despite being in the ‘Dynamic Earth’ stream of the DTP. The only reason that... Continue Reading →

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