The Anatomy of a Grad Students Desk

A Word From An Editor

“The elusive grad student is one of nature’s most mysterious creatures, usually found hidden away in the dankest of labs or in the most remote field sites, desperately trying to avoid the sharp eyes and probing questions of their main predator; the supervisor. Occasionally though, grad students are forced out from their hidey holes in search of food, sunlight and that most vital of nourishments; coffee. Great milling flocks of grad students can be found swarming around the refreshment tables at open days and guest seminars, the length and breadth of academia, scarfing down nibbles and tearing helpless pizza to shreds.

But what is the nest of a grad student actually like? For years, this question has perplexed scientist and public alike. Now using the latest digital imaging technology, the smart phone camera and photoshop, we bring you a rare glimpse into the private spaces of the elusive grad student. Not only that, but with the help of top linguists, we have deciphered their obscure language to bring you notes from the grad students themselves.”

– Brooke Johnson

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