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The Promiscuous Life of the Superb Fairy-Wren

Fiona Jones The Superb Fairy-Wren. Its name makes it sound delicate, yet majestic, and – well – sweet. But, names can be misleading… Beneath this rather lovely title lies the most promiscuous bird of all, with 95% of broods and... Continue Reading →


Avian migration since Aristotle: How ‘wearable tech’ is shaping our understanding of where birds go

Ashley Sendell - Price Humans have long been aware of the seasonal comings and goings of bird populations. But for centuries much of what was known about where birds went was based on speculation, and thus often lead to conclusions... Continue Reading →

Following the leader: decision making in shoals

Sarah Lucas How does a shoal of fish decide where it’s going? Collections of animals like shoals of fish or flocks of birds are clearly able to make decisions about where to go when seeking out food or shelter, without... Continue Reading →

An Extreme Survivor

Fiona Jones As the nights draw in and the mince pies are (almost) ready to come out, we’re bracing ourselves for the onset of some chilly weather. But next time you wish you’d packed an extra jumper, spare a thought... Continue Reading →

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