Changing the Climate



Child of the Pacific – a Very Short Introduction to El Niño

James A. King In these changing times, the once-niche field of climate science enjoys a lot of public visibility and media exposure. Most people will therefore be familiar with concepts such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, and the hole... Continue Reading →


Chaos – why the weatherman can never be (exactly) right

Matt Brown Chaos is a fundamental feature of many physical systems – the atmosphere primary among them – that places a strict limit on the predictability of those systems. For the atmosphere this has obvious consequences, namely that we cannot... Continue Reading →

The Ozone hole. What is it and is it getting bigger or smaller, or what?

Rebecca Smith What is ozone? Ozone (O3) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms1. The atmosphere contains around 3 billion metric tonnes of ozone, equating to 0.00006% of the total atmospheric mass and it is formed as a... Continue Reading →

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