Cyclones, Sea and Sampling Sediments III: Marcus the Marauder

Brooke Johnson With help from, and apologies to, Dr Rosalie Tostevin Day 6 – I awoke to what sounded like the waves breaking continuously on a beach, except we were a kilometre from the sea and it was beating against my window. Cyclone Marcus had arrived. The previous day, after leaving our first batch of... Continue Reading →


Sun, sea and Sediment Sampling II: 1000 meters of mud

Brooke Johnson, with help from, and apologies to, Dr Rosalie Tostevin Day 3 – Feeling more refreshed after our journey to the southern hemisphere, we set out to the NTGS core facility in Winnellie, just outside Darwin. Here the lush tropical coastal environment quickly gives way to scrubby desert. Between the buildings of the trading... Continue Reading →

One Eyed Brutus and the Whistling Kites

Brooke Jonson We sat on cheap plastic deck chairs, hazy clouds thankfully obscuring the worst of the tropical Australian sun.It was still warm though, as even the breeze from the nearby river was moist and clammy and smelled of damp vegetation. Behind us stretched hundreds of square kilometres of reedy marsh and grass land, ahead... Continue Reading →

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