Floppy Bits and Penis Bones

Marie-Claire Koschowitz Penile ossification – an uncomfortable combination of words even for those of us that are part of the not-penis having population. There are so many questions like - why, how and does it hurt?! The real question, however, should be why penile ossification is in fact not the norm, but the exception in... Continue Reading →


Of Blood and Spines – Investigating the world’s most dangerous palms

Benedikt Kuhnhaeuser Thinking about palms, what comes to your mind? White sand, coconuts, holidays? Palms are instantly recognised by their unique appearance, but their diversity is totally underestimated by almost everybody. They can have a nice stout stem like a coconut palm, but they also can be stemless, with the leaves directly coming out of... Continue Reading →

One Eyed Brutus and the Whistling Kites

Brooke Jonson We sat on cheap plastic deck chairs, hazy clouds thankfully obscuring the worst of the tropical Australian sun.It was still warm though, as even the breeze from the nearby river was moist and clammy and smelled of damp vegetation. Behind us stretched hundreds of square kilometres of reedy marsh and grass land, ahead... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Lion Biologist

Name: Genevieve Finerty Age: “One should never trust a woman who tells one her real age.” – Oscar Wilde. Just kidding, I’m 30… Or am I? Year of study: 2nd Year Research Group: Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), Department of Zoology What are you researching: My research focuses on how lions move through and interact with their landscape... Continue Reading →

The Oxford Dodo

Fiona Jones For me, the dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is as intimately associated with the city of Oxford as the dreaming spires, or an afternoon spent punting on the Cherwell. Its plump form famously decorates the pages of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland1 – Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, which in itself has become an Oxford treasure. However,... Continue Reading →


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