Changing the Climate



The ‘Warming Hiatus’ – Did Global Warming Really Slow Down After 1998?

James A. King There is no doubt that the average temperature of the planet is increasing due to the burning of fossil fuels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) brings together experts on climate science from all over the... Continue Reading →


Child of the Pacific – a Very Short Introduction to El Niño

James A. King In these changing times, the once-niche field of climate science enjoys a lot of public visibility and media exposure. Most people will therefore be familiar with concepts such as the greenhouse effect, global warming, and the hole... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Climate Physicist

Name: Matt Brown Age: 23 Year of study: 1st year of PhD Department: Atmosphere, ocean and planetary physics Research Group: Stratosphere and climate What are you researching: The energy output from the sun varies on an 11-year cycle. These variations... Continue Reading →

Why climate change is turning me into a glass half-empty person

Kaja Fenn Inspired by Ricky’s blog (see here) I decided to watch the National Geographic documentary “Before the Flood”. There has been quite a lot of hype around the film, so what better way to spend the night of the... Continue Reading →

“Before the Flood”: Could it inspire a species to change?

Ritwika Sengupta The latest climate change related documentary ‘Before the Flood’ by Leonardo DiCaprio in partnership with National Geographic is now available to watch on YouTube. DiCaprio has been an environmental and animal rights activist for over a decade. He... Continue Reading →

Plastic Rocks and Mass Extinction: the Anthropocene in the Rock Record

Sarah Lucas The rock record is our key to understanding the past. When we try to reconstruct the habitat and lifestyles of ancient creatures we turn to the rock record to find their fossilised bodies, their footprints, their burrows and... Continue Reading →

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