Can global warming trigger volcanoes?

Sarah Lucas The suggestion that volcanic eruptions can influence the climate makes intuitive sense. Volcanoes emit carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas, and provide a link between deep carbon reservoirs in the Earth’s interior and the Earth’s surface. Mass volcanic activity can release large quantities of carbon dioxide, warming the climate over millions of years.... Continue Reading →


The Paris Agreement, is it all Empty Promises and False Hope?

Louis Claxton For most, March 2015 and September 2016 may have faded from memory. However as someone who studies the climate, these months stand out. March 2015 was the first month in at least 800,000 years that global average CO2 concentration remained above 400 ppm. In 2016, every month recorded an average concentration greater than... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Climate Physicist

Name: Matt Brown Age: 23 Year of study: 1st year of PhD Department: Atmosphere, ocean and planetary physics Research Group: Stratosphere and climate What are you researching: The energy output from the sun varies on an 11-year cycle. These variations are very small and have negligible impact on global temperature. However, because the atmosphere is... Continue Reading →

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