Changing the Climate



One Eyed Brutus and the Whistling Kites

Brooke Jonson We sat on cheap plastic deck chairs, hazy clouds thankfully obscuring the worst of the tropical Australian sun.It was still warm though, as even the breeze from the nearby river was moist and clammy and smelled of damp... Continue Reading →


Traces in the sand

Brooke Jonson What can you learn about an ancient world just by looking at the rocks?  Quite a lot as it happens. In 2011, I was patrolling a childhood fossiling location when I found the slab in figure 1. I... Continue Reading →

Dinovulsion: Could dinosaurs cause rivers to shift their channels?

Sarah Lucas Over time the course that a river follows changes. Evidence of this process can be found by looking at an aerial photo of a meandering river or a delta: silted up loops or oxbow lakes mark the sites... Continue Reading →

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