Which bit is the trunk?

Toby Jackson It seems like a simple question, right? We have all climbed a tree and know perfectly well that the branches are the bits that stick out, and the trunk is the bit in the middle. However, when it comes to giving a robust definition that holds for all types of trees, I am... Continue Reading →


Mapping trees in 3D

Toby Jackson Sometimes a new technology can lead to a step change in a well-studied scientific field. This is exactly what is currently happening in forest ecology. Forests are an essential part of the global carbon cycle, but they are complex environments and it is hard to accurately map their 3D structure. Enter our promising... Continue Reading →

White thieves and the wailing child

Brooke Jonson The old fisherman is hunched over his sandwich, and despite the late summer heat pulls his coat about himself like a little tent. “You afraid someone’s gonna nick yer bait, mister?!” someone calls out to him, to some good natured laughs from those assembled round the old band stand on Whitby harbour. I... Continue Reading →

Flight of the Waggle Dancers

Fiona Jones I don’t know if you know this, but honey bees do a ‘waggle dance’. An actual dance. Called the ‘waggle dance’. The first time I learnt about this, I found it pretty amazing, and to be honest I still do. The dance has a communicative purpose, being used to indicate the location of... Continue Reading →


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