Finding True North – the stories that took me to the Arctic

Georgia Melodie Hole As a PhD student investigating the climate and sea-ice dynamics of the Arctic, I have a soft spot for the high latitudes that goes beyond being a stimulating research topic. Maintaining a passion for any topic can be hard, especially when chasing it down the research rabbit hole that is a PhD,... Continue Reading →


A Baptism of Ice- Fieldwork Training in Svalbard

Georgia Melodie Hole Arriving in the remote Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard was like crossing a threshold into my childhood dreams. The many books on polar exploration I devoured as a child (as described in a previous blog), suddenly became crystallised into reality as we touched down onto a land with more polar bears than people,... Continue Reading →

So hot right now: My first volcano

Amber L. Madden-Nadeau As we approached Krakatau by boat, it was hard to believe that this was the site of the catastrophic eruption in 1883 that killed around 35,000 people. All of the islands were very much alive: green and forested, containing all manner of wildlife (Figure 1). The birds were singing and giant lizards... Continue Reading →

Antarctic Dreaming

Fiona Jones There’s a reason I work in Antarctica, rather than the jungle. First and foremost is probably my passion for the polar environment, and the wildlife to be found there, but I’m also pretty hopeless in the heat. We’ve now had a week of blazing sunshine in Oxford, and while I’m not complaining (summer... Continue Reading →

Tales from the South Pacific: Huahine

Ashley Sendell-Price The island of Huahine (in fact two islands: Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti) is often described as the Garden of Eden, enticing tourists with its lush forested landscape, turquoise lagoons (pictured below) and white-sand beaches. Although I do agree that this island is by far the most beautiful I have visited, for me Huahine lacks an... Continue Reading →

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