Cyclones, Sea and Sampling Sediments III: Marcus the Marauder

Brooke Johnson With help from, and apologies to, Dr Rosalie Tostevin Day 6 – I awoke to what sounded like the waves breaking continuously on a beach, except we were a kilometre from the sea and it was beating against my window. Cyclone Marcus had arrived. The previous day, after leaving our first batch of... Continue Reading →


Sun, sea and Sediment Sampling II: 1000 meters of mud

Brooke Johnson, with help from, and apologies to, Dr Rosalie Tostevin Day 3 – Feeling more refreshed after our journey to the southern hemisphere, we set out to the NTGS core facility in Winnellie, just outside Darwin. Here the lush tropical coastal environment quickly gives way to scrubby desert. Between the buildings of the trading... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to let go

Rellie Goddard I have spent the last two weeks residing in the wonderful city of Durham where I was lucky enough to spend four years of my life completing first a BSc and then an MRes.  Now living in Oxford and working in an entirely different area of structural geology, it would be a fair... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Volcanologist

Name: Isabelle Taylor Age: 24 Year of Study: 2 Research Groups: I am part of the Volcanology research group in Earth Sciences and the Earth Observation group in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics. I am also part of NERC’s Centre for the Observation and Modelling of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tectonics (COMET). What exactly do you... Continue Reading →

Meet the… metamorphic petrologist

Name: Anna Bidgood Year of study: 2nd Department: Earth Sciences Research group: The Hard Rock group What are you researching:  Continental subduction - specifically the India-Asia collision. How is a continent subducted? How does it return to the surface? And what processes occur during its history? Why should we care about it: Plate tectonics is a fundamental process happening on the... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Geologist

Name: Brooke Johnson Age: 34 Year of Study: 2nd Department: Earth Sciences Research Group: Chemical Sedimentology What are you researching: I am attempting to quantify the effects of fluctuating oxygen levels (aka unstable redox) in marine environments on the ecosystems within them them, over very long timescales. Cold water can hold more dissolved oxygen than warm water; this is why polar... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Igneous Petrologist/ Volcanologist

Name: Frey Fyfe Age: 23 Year of Study: 2 Research Group: I’m part of the Volcanology groups at Oxford University and the Natural History Museum in London. What are you researching: My research deals with trying to understand how volcanoes at subduction zones produce major explosive eruptions. Most of the time these volcanoes sit there quietly, gently releasing gas and... Continue Reading →

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