Dating in the dark

Kaja Fenn You might have heard about radiocarbon dating, but do you know about OSL dating? OSL stands for Optically Stimulated Luminescence, and is another method of determining when processes and events occurred in the past. It has some distinct advantages over radiocarbon dating, which I will discuss. Before looking at OSL in more detail... Continue Reading →


China’s Dusty History

Kaja Fenn Loess deposits are a type of sediment formed from tiny dust particles. They can cover hundreds of square kilometres and are found worldwide. The really cool thing about these deposits, and one of their more prominent characteristics, is their cyclicality. They alternate in colour - yellow, red, yellow, red, and so on… The... Continue Reading →

Meet the… Quaternary Scientist

Name: Kaja Fenn Age: 31 Year of study: Second year DPhil Department: School of Geography and the Environment Research Group: Landscape Dynamics research cluster What are you researching: I am working on Quaternary loess (dust) deposits, with the aim of determining both the time at which they were deposited and their source. The Quaternary Period is part... Continue Reading →

Watch my dust…

Kaja Fenn I put some music on and sat down to write this blog about what I do and the next thing I know the Rolling Stones came on. With the classic lyrics: “Pleased to meet you, Hope you guess my name, But what's puzzling you, Is the nature of my game”. How perfect I... Continue Reading →

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