Changing the Climate



All these worlds…

Ben Fernando This blog wasn’t originally going to be about exoplanets, but given exciting NASA announcements on this subject in the last few months I couldn’t resist. To anyone who follows science news, the discoveries of planets orbiting other stars... Continue Reading →


Penguins – a life amongst space dust

Martin Suttle and Fiona Jones In our collective mind’s eye, we imagine Antarctica as a bitterly cold, endless expanse of ice and snow, where brave adventurers from past ages hauled sledges to the South Pole. In this near-pristine environment, almost... Continue Reading →

Interview: From Cosmochemist to Cosmonaut? GW4+ Student and BBC Astronaut Candidate Tim Gregory

Lucy Kissick As NASA and SpaceX reveal their increasingly-extraordinary plans for spaceflight and interplanetary colonisation, a lowly DTP student could be forgiven for feeling distant from this glamorous, seemingly untouchable world of astronautical advancement. But third-year geologist Tim Gregory, with... Continue Reading →

Cassini’s Swan Song

Kaja Fenn On 15th September Cassini will begin its journey into Saturn’s thick atmosphere. There its last bit of fuel will be used to point its antenna towards the Earth. Eventually it will lose its battle against the atmospheric forces... Continue Reading →

The Geysers of Enceladus

Ben Fernando In 1979 the twin Voyager spacecraft flew past Saturn, photographing its stunning ring system, dynamic atmosphere and many of its moons. Hitherto unseen features were revealed, but a myriad of mysteries were also uncovered. Titan, the planet’s largest... Continue Reading →

Where no one has gone before

Ben Fernando In the summer of 1965 Gary Flandro was a young graduate student working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. His task was to consider possible spacecraft trajectories for travel to the unexplored outer planets in our... Continue Reading →

Outer Worlds: The Incredible Geodiversity of Pluto and Charon

Lucy Kissick When NASA made the decision in 2000 to visit the Solar System’s only unexplored planet (as it was designated at the time), they knew they were in for a long journey. Pluto and its sister world Charon form... Continue Reading →

Space, the final frontier… my favourite space science stories of 2016

Kaja Fenn As the year 2016 has drawn to an end it is time for some kind of review or reflection. What a year it has been! One could argue that it has been a terrible year for politics and... Continue Reading →

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