Which bit is the trunk?

Toby Jackson It seems like a simple question, right? We have all climbed a tree and know perfectly well that the branches are the bits that stick out, and the trunk is the bit in the middle. However, when it comes to giving a robust definition that holds for all types of trees, I am... Continue Reading →


Of Blood and Spines – Investigating the world’s most dangerous palms

Benedikt Kuhnhaeuser Thinking about palms, what comes to your mind? White sand, coconuts, holidays? Palms are instantly recognised by their unique appearance, but their diversity is totally underestimated by almost everybody. They can have a nice stout stem like a coconut palm, but they also can be stemless, with the leaves directly coming out of... Continue Reading →

Mapping trees in 3D

Toby Jackson Sometimes a new technology can lead to a step change in a well-studied scientific field. This is exactly what is currently happening in forest ecology. Forests are an essential part of the global carbon cycle, but they are complex environments and it is hard to accurately map their 3D structure. Enter our promising... Continue Reading →

Is that tree about to snap?

Toby Jackson Sounds like a simple enough question, right? However, it turns out we can’t give a very good answer. For a big old tree in a city or a park, it is important for safety reasons to know how likely it is to snap in the wind. Therefore, qualified arborists tend these trees and... Continue Reading →


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